Autumn Menu

Our menu for fall - featuring honest-to-goodness organic Maine apples we handpicked from local Maine orchards, delicious local pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, and plenty of your favorite Maine autumnal flavors like golden berry and currant - but with a deliciously contemporary twist that delights the eye!

christopher hastings confections almond toffee
Almond Toffee $ 6.00
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christopher hastings confections Apple Jack Caramels
Autumn Caramel Bonbon Assortment from $ 8.00
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christopher hastings confections Maine fruit slices pate du fruit
Fruit Slices $ 0.50
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Pumpkin Crack
Pumpkin Crack $ 6.00
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Pumpkin Pie Bonbons
Pumpkin Pie Bonbons from $ 4.00
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Pumpkin Praline Bark
Pumpkin Praline Bark $ 6.00
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