What's In The Box?

These are flavors we are currently offering for our assortment boxes - mix and match to build your own box! Check back often as it changes regularly as we experiment or move into a new season! If you received a box of our chocolates as a gift, this is a handy guide to know what you're about to bite into and gives you a little background into the delicious Maine ingredients we use to make them special. 

Irish whiskey sea salt caramel

Irish Whiskey Sea Salt Caramel - St. Pat's!

Our Maine Whiskey Sea Salt Caramel gets a geographic makeover for St. Patrick's Day this year -- just as long as they last, then we go back to Maine Whiskey because we're all about the Maine. That said, a little Irish Whiskey Caramel never hurt...

Irish Coffee Bonbon

Irish Coffee - St. Patrick's Day Flavor

Our tribute to the classic Irish Coffee libation! This flavorful bonbon is made with layers of Irish for luck -- you'll love our Jameson blended Irish whiskey caramel which marries deliciously with our 62 percent dark chocolate espresso ganache. Coffee and caramel? Sign us up and then kiss us for good measure! Now there's a cheery Irish welcome for you...

Irish Stout Truffle

Irish Stout Truffle - St. Patrick's Day Flavor

Our heady dark chocolate Guinness stout ganache encased in a 62 percent dark chocolate shell. For those who like it DARK!

Hot Chocolate - Winter Flavor

Not spicy, think 'hot cocoa' and then you'll know what this milk chocolate covered dark chocolate hot chocolate ganache bonbon is all about. Rich and satisfying if you're a chocolate lover...if you're not, why are you on this website?

Allen's Coffee Brandy - Winter Flavor

Just like the brandy your grandparents put in their coffee -- but in delicious dark chocolate instead. Yes, you must try one!

Butterscotch! - Xmas Only

A layer of shortbread cookie, a layer of vanilla ganache and a layer of our handcrafted deliciously luscious butterscotch make this bonbon a real Christmas crowd pleaser!

Dark Candy Cane Bonbons - Xmas Only

A dark chocolate bonbon filled with a delicate organic peppermint ganache center. The result? We use organic peppermint oil to achieve just the right balance of mint and chocolate, we think you'll enjoy these!


Parsnip bonbon - Thanksgiving Flavor

Our parsnip bonbon is pretty basic -- allowing the flavor of local Maine parsnips to shine sweetly through! This bonbon is made with parsnips, white chocolate, Maine cream and Maine butter. That's it! How do they taste? Oh they taste sweet and delicious! If you are a fan of white chocolate, these will become a new favorite, we think you'll be surprised! 

Pumpkin Pie bonbons - Autumn Flavor

Like Pumpkin Pie? Then this is the bonbon for you! Our white chocolate pumpkin ganache is seasoned with just the right amount of pumpkin spice and then capped with a handcrafted shortbread cookie 'crust' and sealed in dark chocolate. It's pretty much pumpkin bliss!

Crispy ghosts christopher hastings confections

Crunchy Ghosts - Halloween Only!

Boo-tiful and delicious! Crunchy Ghosts are made with milk chocolate and feuilletine, which is a fancy word for crispy pieces of tasty toasted crepe. These little pieces of crispy crepes are like 'rice crisps' but far far more flavorful and fun. Scary good!

peanut butter cup

Peanut Butter - New Favorite Flavor

Peanut Butter milk chocolate cubes decorated with a fall acorn motif. Delicious. Adorable! Deliciously adorable! Kids love 'em!


Pumpkin Spice Caramel - Autumn Flavor

Our award-winning Maine Sea Salt Caramel gets an autumnal extra during pumpkin season. This is a pumpkin-y, spicy (but not hot) caramel that you'll love if you're a fan of pumpkin flavor.

Argyle Orange Creme Christopher Hastings Confections

Argyle Orange Creme - Autumn Flavor

Do you love the taste of dark chocolate and orange? Our orange cremes, just like the good ol' fashioned ones made by hand, are phenomenal. You must try one. Or two!

Peppermint eyeballs christopher hastings confections

Peppermint Eyeballs - Halloween only!

Our Peppermint Eyeballs are made with 62 percent dark chocolate and organic peppermint oil. If you like mint chocolate, you'll love these scrumptious, minty 'peepers' that aren't overly minty. You know how easy it is to over do it...

bloody bat bonbon christopher hastings confections

Bloody Bat Bonbons - Halloween only!

These are actually raspberry creme bonbons made with 62 percent dark chocolate. But since it's Halloween, we couldn't resist having some fun with the design. Enjoy! No bats were harmed or used in the making of these seasonal treats.

Birch Beer Bonbons

There's nothing quite like a birch beer on a hot Maine summer day in central Maine -- which is why we had to make Birch Beer bonbons! Enjoy birch beer? Give one a shot. LOVE birch beer? You'll need a dozen at least!


Maine Sumac Bonbon

We harvest the staghorn sumac flowers that grow throughout Maine and make our own sumac spice that we then incorporate into a creamy nougat. The result is a Sumac forward bonbon that's sure to delight anyone who has ever tried to make Sumac Lemonade. Curious? You should be - give one a try!

Golden Plum Walnut Vanilla Praline

We found delicious local golden plums grown by The Apple Farm in Fairfield at our weekly downtown Waterville farmers market. They were so tasty, we had to make a fruit caramel out of them! So thus this bonbon was born. Sultry golden plum caramel, organic walnut praline and a vanilla ganache in a dark chocolate shell. Unbelievably local, unbelievably tasty! Yes, you want many.

Pamplemousse (aka grapefruit yogurt)

Our new pamplemousse bonbon is a dark chocolate bonbon filled with a layer of pink grapefruit jelly and a white chocolate yogurt ganache. Yogurt?! These must be pretty good for you! (Nope, they're still a dessert not a super food silly.) Try one today, if you're a fan of fruit jellies, we think you'll love this bonbon!

Cherry Prosecco

Luxardo cherry syrup and spirited Prosecco mix and mingle in this tasty summer bonbon. Dark chocolate with a cherry Prosecco fondant within. Three cheers for cherries!

Black Raspberry Truffle - Summer only

Local black raspberries harvested at the peak of season are front and center in these delicious berry truffles. Dark chocolate shell with a white chocolate black raspberry ganache within. Creamy, fruity and so very Maine.

Buttered Popcorn Bonbon

We take the best popcorn in the known universe -- popcorn from Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville -- and use it to make a buttered popcorn ganache salted with Maine sea salt that is out of this world! We place a dulcey-chocolate dipped piece of popcorn right in the center for some extra texture -- and voila, our Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) bonbon is born. This is a delicious bonbon! 

Elderberry - SUMMER ONLY

Some make medicine with it, we make bonbons! This tart, slightly bitter purple berry brings out the flavor of dark chocolate like no other ganache does. If you like it dark, go with this bonbon for deep satisfaction.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - SUMMER ONLY

Who could resist making Maine's state pie (practically!) into a delicious bonbon? We make our own shortbread using Maine Grains flour, get our strawberries and rhubarb from Wise Acres Farm, then turn it all into a refreshingly sweet yet zippy white chocolate bonbon. Layers of flavor and texture, a true crowd pleaser for sure!

Blueberry Ginger Honey Nougat - SUMMER

If you like our Maine Honey and Ginger Nougat bonbon, meet its summer cousin from the mountains! This is the Maine blueberry, Maine honey, ginger nougat deliciousness you crave, using organic wild Maine blueberries!

thai bird chili caramel bonbon christopher hastings confections

Thai Bird Chili Caramel Bonbon

It's like our two most popular bonbons had a baby -- a spicy baby! This is our incredibly popular award-winning Maine sea salt caramel but with the heat of our homegrown Thai Bird Chili. The result? A caramel wave of heat that you'll agree could win another award!

Lemon Fiddlehead Bonbon - SPRING ONLY

Our tasty lemon curd white chocolate ganache with a cube of Maine fiddlehead pate du fruit in the center -- surrounded by more creamy white chocolate. Curious? Try one!

Cardamon Bonbon - SPRING ONLY

One of our favorite spices -- Cardamon -- finally gets its shot at being your NEW favorite bonbon. We had a customer request Cardamon chocolates so often, we just felt we HAD to make them in dark chocolate and boy, we're glad we did!

Strawberry Fig Balsamic Black Pepper Bonbon

The name really says it all -- that's a really long name! But it is FULL of delicious ganache and surrounded by a dark chocolate shell. If you like strawberries and balsamic vinegar, give this new bonbon a shot.

Maine Honey Pistachio Nougat Bonbon

Maine Honey Pistachio Nougat

Oh you. You don't like nougat? You LOVE nougat, you just haven't tried ours yet, and our Pistachio nougat made with raw Maine Honey from Albion Maine will delight you, we just know it. Give one a try today -- it's a new spring flavor and boy are they easy on the eyes too!

Rhubarb Thyme Bonbon

Rhubarb Thyme Bonbon - SPRING ONLY

It's rhubarb season in Maine! We love good ol' rhubarb, it's a classic Maine "fruit" -- a plant, really, but a tasty one! We pair ours with fresh thyme and white chocolate. If you like rhubarb, we think you should give this one a try. Not sure if you like rhubarb? Try one anyway!

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly - SPRING FLAVOR

Our FAVORITE jelly (strawberry rhubarb) and Peanut Butter layered inside a milk chocolate cube. It's like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chocolate instead of bread!

Lemon Coconut Crunch Bonbon - EASTER / SPRING FLAVOR

Our delicious lemon curd with toasted organic coconut and crunchy feuilletine aka sugary toasted crepe pieces. If you like lemon and coconut, we think you'll love these seasonal treats!

Irish Cream Bonbon - St. Patrick's Day Only

That delightful Irish Cream liqueur you know and love, in delightful bonbon form! We make a delicious white chocolate Bailey's ganache and then lovingly place it in a tasty 35 percent milk chocolate bonbon shell. Like it sweet and creamy? This bonbon is for you!

Irish Breakfast Tea Bonbon

Irish Breakfast Tea - St. Patrick's Day Only

A 62 percent dark chocolate Irish Breakfast Tea ganache encased in a delightful green and gold hand-painted white chocolate shell. It eats just like the tea sips -- sweetly Irish all the way!

Strawberry and Cream - Valentine's Day Only

A dark chocolate bonbon shell filled with layers of strawberry and vanilla ganache. This one is a must try for those of you who enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries!

Maine Honey & Rose Nougat Heart - Valentine's Day and Mother's Day Only

A Valentines Day treat made with real Maine roses and honey -- whipped into a delightful, creamy nougat. No, we don't go overboard with the rose, we know what we're doing!

Hazelnut Rocher

A creamy hazelnut ganache filled with toasted hazelnuts and encased in snappy dark chocolate -- you'll love these nutty wonders!

Mint Meltaway

Organic Peppermint in a snappy 62 percent dark chocolate cube. Lovers of mint and dark chocolate rejoice!

Apple Jack Caramels - Autumn Only

If you love our Maine Sea Salt Caramel bonbons, you are going to want to try these delicious seasonal favorites - made with Macoun apples from The Apple Farm in Fairfield, Maine and Applejack spirits from Tree Spirits in Oakland, Maine. Our luscious dark caramel with a delightfully round apple note. How do you like them applejack caramels?

Cherry Cordial Bonbon

We take some of the best cherries on earth - Luxardo cherries, and then encase them in a sugar fondant that turns into liquid cherry syrup as the luxardo cherry sits in its delicious juices. The result? A snappy dark chocolate and cherry treat you won't believe!

Maine Sea Salt Caramel Bonbons

Our best seller! To get the delicious, unforgettable smooth caramel taste we're known for, we use Eggemoggin Salt Works Reach Salt from the pristine currents of the Eggemoggin Reach in Deer Isle, Maine. The perfect balance of our smoky caramel and the salty taste of Maine -- a great gift for anyone who loves chocolate!

Maine Honey and Ginger Nougat 

We love a good nougat - this so happens to be a fantastic nougat! Made with Maine honey -- from Swan's Honey in Albion. You can't get more local than that! We add fierce organic candied ginger to the mix, when tempered with the satin smooth creamy delight of the nougat, it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with a nutty ginger spice finish. Festively decorated with a honey gold cocoa butter luster motif. Ginger never looked so scrumptious, even on Gilligan's Island!


Maine Whiskey Sea Salt Caramel Bonbons

Our classic Maine Sea Salt Caramel with a hint of whiskey from Maine Craft Distilling in Portland Maine. Quickly becoming a favorite of it's own -- this is adult confectionery at its finest! Try these with our Dark and Stormy bonbons, they're a hedonists delight. Or just a boozy treat for a boozy friend. (Booze actually burns off in the cooking but the flavor remains, the flavor remains.)


Our take on the classic Maine candy made with potato and coconut. We cut down the sugar, use organic ingredients like real Maine russet potatoes, and pump up the vanilla flavor with vanilla bean paste, not extract -- goodness no. If you like coconut, you'll love these. Even if you don't like coconut, you'll love these! Scout's promise! Can you believe some folks make these with paraffin wax? Heavens no, not ours. Our Needhams are amazing - the perfect bite of Maine!

Lavender Honey Tea Bonbons

Another delicious dark chocolate and tea fan favorite - this one made with Lavender Tea from Selah Tea Cafe in Waterville, Maine. Fear no bitter notes - when paired with sweet Maine honey in a dark chocolate ganache, the lavender settles right in as if it were nestled in its favorite holiday sweater. Divine! Pair with a piping hot cup of Lavender Tea on a chilly winter's morn...

Peppermint Candy Cane Bonbons - Xmas Only

A dark chocolate bonbon filled with a delicate organic peppermint ganache center. The result? We use organic peppermint oil to achieve just the right balance of mint and chocolate, we think you'll enjoy these!

Scottish Caramel Pu-erh Tea Bonbon

This dark chocolate delight features Selah Tea Cafe's Scottish Caramel Pu-erh Tea, an exquisite combination of flavors from Scotland and China. The tea provides a sweet, burnt, sugary flavor that's a perfect marriage to the Maine cream in our dark chocolate ganache, delivering a sweet, decadent finish. Some tea afficianados believe that Pu erh can help digestion and dispel alcoholic toxins but all we know is it makes for a delicious bonbon!

Thai Bird Chili

This is a fabulously unique chocolate that brings on the heat! We grow our own Thai Bird chili peppers and incorporate them into a creamy dark chocolate ganache that blooms with a rich, toasty heat in the back of your mouth. A spicy, smooth chili background, surrounded with a Mayan-themed 54% dark chocolate shell. So good - the perfect snappy mouthful - and mouth-feel, if you like the heat, these do not disappoint. 

Maine Beer Nut Maple Cremes

We candy nutty organic walnuts in Maine beer and then roll 'em into our homemade maple fondant made of 100% grade A dark maple syrup from Strawberry Hills Farm in Skow-town (Skowhegan) ME. You won't believe the maple toffee crunch effect this gives these flavor-packed packages. We fill dark chocolate shells decorated with a classy blue gem colored cocoa butter. You'll want to order a few boxes of these - this is the maple walnut you remember from your childhood, but made for a grownup's taste buds!

Dark n' Stormy BonBons

The delicious spiciness of fresh ginger meets the scrumptious boozy goodness of Maine Craft Distilling's Ration Rum. We encase said deliciousness in a white chocolate shell and voila - you get your Dark and Stormy in confection form. New 2015 Holiday Limited-Edition Confection!


Absinthe Star


We start with Maine-made Absinthe Verde from TreeSpirits in Oakland, Maine. We then add that unique herbal spirit to a hand-crafted sugar fondant and surround it all with a pointy dark chocolate cube. The result is a very unique chocolate with a distinctive mouth feel and floral bouquet you won't soon forget.

Espresso Truffles

If you like coffee you'll love these hand-rolled dark chocolate truffles filled with creamy espresso ganache. They're hand-rolled in espresso powder to give them that extra kick! We think you'll love 'em...

Passion Fruit

Yes, the tropical treat that is passion fruit - so tart yet so good - is now available in bonbon form. Our passion fruit bonbon is made of a creamy passion fruit chocolate ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate bonbon shell that is tempered to perfection. The result? You love it. You really, really love it!

Eggnog - Xmas Only

We use real Maine eggnog in this delightful white chocolate ganache-filled bonbon.

Champagne Truffle - Xmas & New Years Only

Champagne. Cognac. Combined in a deliciously creamy white chocolate ganache, hand rolled in more white chocolate and then hand painted with a touch of gold leaf. A celebration for your taste buds!

Hot Chocolate Truffle

Hot Chocolate Truffle - Xmas & Winter Only

A limited-time only seasonal favorite -- we make it in the winter when we crave that hot chocolate goodness in our bellies! Cocoa and milk chocolate combine in one of our only milk chocolate offerings this season. What can we say, Mark prefers the dark side!