What's In The Box?

These are flavors we are currently offering for our assortment boxes - mix and match to build your own box! Check back often as it changes regularly as we experiment or move into a new season! If you received a box of our chocolates as a gift, this is a handy guide to know what you're about to bite into and gives you a little background into the delicious Maine ingredients we use to make them special. 

Cherry Cordial Bonbon

We take some of the best cherries on earth - Luxardo cherries, and then encase them in a sugar fondant that turns into liquid cherry syrup as the luxardo cherry sits in its delicious juices. The result? A snappy dark chocolate and cherry treat you won't believe!

Maine Sea Salt Caramel Bonbons

Our best seller! To get the delicious, unforgettable smooth caramel taste we're known for, we use Eggemoggin Salt Works Reach Salt from the pristine currents of the Eggemoggin Reach in Deer Isle, Maine. The perfect balance of our smoky caramel and the salty taste of Maine -- a great gift for anyone who loves chocolate!

Maine Honey Ginger Nougat

Maine Honey and Ginger Nougat 

We love a good nougat - this so happens to be a fantastic nougat! Made with Maine honey -- from Swan's Honey in Albion. You can't get more local than that! We add fierce organic candied ginger to the mix, when tempered with the satin smooth creamy delight of the nougat, it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with a nutty ginger spice finish. Festively decorated with a honey gold cocoa butter luster motif. Ginger never looked so scrumptious, even on Gilligan's Island!

 Whiskey Caramel

Maine Whiskey Sea Salt Caramel Bonbons

Our classic Maine Sea Salt Caramel with a hint of whiskey from Maine Craft Distilling in Portland Maine. Quickly becoming a favorite of it's own -- this is adult confectionery at its finest! Try these with our Dark and Stormy bonbons, they're a hedonists delight. Or just a boozy treat for a boozy friend. (Booze actually burns off in the cooking but the flavor remains, the flavor remains.)


Our take on the classic Maine candy made with potato and coconut. We cut down the sugar, use organic ingredients like real Maine russet potatoes, and pump up the vanilla flavor with vanilla bean paste, not extract -- goodness no. If you like coconut, you'll love these. Even if you don't like coconut, you'll love these! Scout's promise! Can you believe some folks make these with paraffin wax? Heavens no, not ours. Our Needhams are amazing - the perfect bite of Maine!

Lavender Honey Tea Bonbons

Another delicious dark chocolate and tea fan favorite - this one made with Lavender Tea from Selah Tea Cafe in Waterville, Maine. Fear no bitter notes - when paired with sweet Maine honey in a dark chocolate ganache, the lavender settles right in as if it were nestled in its favorite holiday sweater. Divine! Pair with a piping hot cup of Lavender Tea on a chilly winter's morn...

Mint Meltaway

Mint Meltaways: a dark chocolate cube filled with a delicate organic peppermint ganache center that melts slightly faster in your mouth than the 54% dark chocolate cube encasing it. The result? Like eating chocolate silk wrapped in mint ribbons - but better because you can't eat silk!

Scottish Caramel Pu-erh Tea Bonbon

This dark chocolate delight features Selah Tea Cafe's Scottish Caramel Pu-erh Tea, an exquisite combination of flavors from Scotland and China. The tea provides a sweet, burnt, sugary flavor that's a perfect marriage to the Maine cream in our dark chocolate ganache, delivering a sweet, decadent finish. Some tea afficianados believe that Pu erh can help digestion and dispel alcoholic toxins but all we know is it makes for a delicious bonbon!

Thai Bird Chili

This is a fabulously unique chocolate that brings on the heat! We grow our own Thai Bird chili peppers and incorporate them into a creamy dark chocolate ganache that blooms with a rich, toasty heat in the back of your mouth. A spicy, smooth chili background, surrounded with a Mayan-themed 54% dark chocolate shell. So good - the perfect snappy mouthful - and mouth-feel, if you like the heat, these do not disappoint. 

Maine Beer Nut Maple Cremes

We candy nutty organic walnuts in Maine beer and then roll 'em into our homemade maple fondant made of 100% grade A dark maple syrup from Strawberry Hills Farm in Skow-town (Skowhegan) ME. You won't believe the maple toffee crunch effect this gives these flavor-packed packages. We fill dark chocolate shells decorated with a classy blue gem colored cocoa butter. You'll want to order a few boxes of these - this is the maple walnut you remember from your childhood, but made for a grownup's taste buds!

Dark n' Stormy BonBons

The delicious spiciness of fresh ginger meets the scrumptious boozy goodness of Maine Craft Distilling's Ration Rum. We encase said deliciousness in a white chocolate shell and voila - you get your Dark and Stormy in confection form. New 2015 Holiday Limited-Edition Confection!


Whiskey Caramel Keemun Panda Tea Bonbon

We start by making our fisherman's favorite caramel using whiskey from Maine Craft Distilling in Portland Maine, but bring in the taste of the orient with Selah Tea Cafe's (Waterville Keemum Panda tea. The richly fruity tea with winey notes compliments the whiskey caramel to divine effect.

Absinthe Star

Absinthe Verde Star

We start with Maine-made Absinthe Verde from TreeSpirits in Oakland, Maine. We then add that unique herbal spirit to a hand-crafted sugar fondant and surround it all with a pointy dark chocolate cube. The result is a very unique chocolate with a distinctive mouth feel and floral bouquet you won't soon forget.

Espresso Truffles

If you like coffee you'll love these hand-rolled dark chocolate truffles filled with creamy espresso ganache. They're hand-rolled in espresso powder to give them that extra kick! We think you'll love 'em...

Peanut Butter Truffles

Ooooooooo! Creamy peanut butter in a 54% snappy dark chocolate truffle shell. So nutty good, if you're a fan of the peanut, you're a fan of these truffles!

Maine Honey and Pistachio Nougat

Our delicious Maine honey nougat - made with honey from Swan's Honey in Albion - combined with lightly toasted organic pistachios. To us, pistachios equal spring thanks to our grandmother's pistachio cake and frosting served every April, so we've recreated it in bonbon form just for you. (And, selfishly, for us!)

Passion Fruit

Yes, the tropical treat that is passion fruit - so tart yet so good - is now available in bonbon form. Our passion fruit bonbon is made of a creamy passion fruit chocolate ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate bonbon shell that is tempered to perfection. The result? You love it. You really, really love it!