Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter SQUARS (Square Bars!)

Not satisfied by mere peanut butter cups? What you need friend is one of our Peanut Butter Bars - or SQUARS! (Square Bars!) We fill each delicious chocolate bar with our most popular flavors - you know you love our peanut butter cups, so why not give our new Peanut Butter Bar a try? These bars are MILK chocolate filled with our delicious peanut butter ganache. We've brushed them in gold luster dust to give each bar a little extra bling, because that's how we roll. Break one square off and eat it at your leisure, or just eat the entire bar in a few big bites. We...won't judge.


Category: milk chocolate, peanut butter

Type: Bars

Vendor: Christopher Hastings Confections

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